Sunday, January 2, 2011

The New Year Has Started, Soup's On.

Welcome 2011. 

I think I exorcised all the nastiness of 2010. At least I hope I did. 

During the week before the big event, we start discussing what we want to focus on in the new year.  Phyl and I always start with an intent. I am ready for the Year of Prosperity.

We started by changing how we celebrated the Eve.  We generally are sleeping for a number of hours before the clock chimes in the New Year. It was time to shake things up. 

We have been together six years now, and are settling into a nice rhythm of life together. Once in a while though, I get a little froggy and need to do some jumping. 

Phyl is a very smart gurl, so when I came home with a half-hearted announcement stating we had been invited to an actual party, she said "Hey, let's go." 

"Really? What about staying snug and warm?" (it's been in the single digits at night lately)

"F* it. Let's go."

I was delighted.  We went, and had a ball.

The day after, we took it easy. I had a couple of glasses of champagne, but Phyl had only one glass of bubbly. We had been going like crazy for the week before, movies, dinners, after Christmas sale shopping, taking the dogs out to play in the snow. The usual. A day of rest, without getting out of our jammies or even brushing our teeth, felt decadent. Nice.

Today started the frenzy. 

I realized I had to go back to work tomorrow. I haven't thought about work for the past two weeks. Well, I did have a rather unpleasant dream about one of my students last night, but that is the extent of me spending any time thinking about what I do for a living.

Phyl and I set our course for today. 

1. grocery shopping for the week
2. go to the last must see movie on our list, The Fockers
3. take the dogs for a walk
4. take down Christmas
5. clean house
6. make chicken noodle soup (my specialty)
7. wind down enough to get to sleep
8. wake my ass up at 6 a.m. 

I am working on #7. Hopefully, #8 won't be so bad. I don't want to think about it right now.

Let's talk about #6. I love making soups, stews, and chili. There is something about cooking in a single pot. It makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside. 

Maybe it is the pseudo-scientist in me, but I like experimenting with the ingredients. I don't think I have ever made the same soup, stew or chili twice. Don't even think about asking for a recipe, but stop by and I will be happy to show you.

It drives my daughter nuts because she is such a measuring freak. I tell her what is in my concoctions, but she just rolls her eyes and says, "Yes, mom, I know, but how much?"

"A pinch, a dash, a palm full of this, chop a couple of these, add a few of cups of this and VOILA! Hey, let go. Free lance it."

"I'll just wait for the left-overs."

Nowadays, it is more difficult for her because she has gone vegetarian. I have looked at cooking for her now as a challenge. I made her some kick ass veggie soup the other day when she said she was coming down with something nasty. I was very proud of myself because I found the requisite veggie ingredients for seasoning. It was a snap. 

Now, my daughter's boyfriend gets the left over good stuff. Tomorrow he will inherit some chicken noodle soup. Not a whole lot because Phyllie is jealous of sharing HER soup, but I make such a huge pot that it will go to waste before she eats all of it. I am good at eating a bowl or two, but she will happily eat it all week long. Especially in this cold weather. It is easy for her to come in and warm up a bowl in the microwave.

I figure prosperity starts with warming the soul. What is better at warming the soul than a good bowl of chicken soup?

We ate our first bowl tonight. 

My day starts early tomorrow, and I pray it comes gingerly. I haven't been up at six since the break started. I know the kids will be brain dead after two weeks off, so I plan on taking it easy for all of our sakes. The trick will be keeping myself in the zen like state I am in now going until Spring break. Wish me luck.

Here's to PROSPERITY in 2011. 

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  1. Hi SW!! you wandered to my i thought i'd come over here...and wander around.

    i've worked my way back...from most recent post, to the start of the year! nice!

    what a mixture the start of the year was!! celebrating...then a kick back day of NOTHING, which is always a welcome way to spend the day...if you can!! grab it when you're able to!...then the frantic-ness of getting everything done as your 'time off' comes to an end...OH NO!! kind of like going on's nice to get away...but it's also nice to be back home. the time off is needed...but it's also nice to get back to doing what you love to do! right?

    thanks!! and may the zen be with you! :]laura