Wednesday, December 29, 2010


"You are such a brute," Jacqueline remarked coolly as she stepped her long, silk stockinged legs from the taxi.

He looked neither left nor right, remaining typically expressionless. Deadly dark eyes silently commanded the driver to continue on to his destination.

"Good evening, Madam," Rico bowed as he opened the door for her.

"Rico," she said curtly.

She trailed a faint smell of cigarettes, booze and Shalimar.

Once in the elevator, she quickly punched penthouse.

The tiny bell announcing her presence alerted the butler. He quickly scrambled to the slowly opening door.

"Madam?" Giles greeted her with a solemn questioning look.

He reached for her coat as she strode by, barely catching the mink before it hit the floor. In the next second, she took off her leather gloves then slammed them to the floor.

"Leave them," she commanded.

"I am done."

This is for Magpie #46. Thanks Willow.


  1. So dramatic and film noir, loved this, would love to hear more!

  2. The gloves represents the affair? Or are they a challenge! Interesting tale.

  3. This is a written and visual treat ... screenplay material.

  4. phew....oh my. Intriguing post.

  5. Slammed her gloves to the floor ...speaks of how her evening/date went. Well written.

  6. the finality...until morning.... good magpie

  7. Thanks for the kind comments. I like noir.
    And Tess, we all could use a Rico. ;-)

  8. It was as if I saw a drama here..very nice and imaginative