Saturday, February 12, 2011

Just Down the Street

Just down the street there is a house
with one window
that looks like an eye that never sleeps.

I walk by it everyday
on my way home from school.

I imagine the people
who live there
have one eye too.

But not like a Cyclops.

I imagine them like pirates
with eye patches, and crooked smiles
with yellowed teeth.

I walk on the other side of the street
afraid of who might see
my imagination
hiding behind the tree.

This is for Magpie #52, thanks for another flight of fancy, Willow. Please check out this awesome writer's blog,


  1. ..'imagination hiding behind the tree' - great line!

  2. yes! wonderful poem...very my mind's eye! (...and so, i had to read it again...with one eye closed...and it was even more fantastical!)

    ((thanks for wandering through my little part of nature...)) :] laura

  3. What a flight of fancy! I loved your verse.

  4. Yes . . not many responses used the tree.

  5. your imagination hides behind the tree?

    wow, love the imagery, well penned poetry.
    you rock!

  6. What a delightful read! Like a child in fear passing a house, having heard of the mysterious owners from an elder!