Sunday, October 10, 2010

Autumn, Baby!

Conceived in the dark of winter, nurtured in utero through spring, and sheltered from the hateful heat of summer, she came into the world on a lovely fall day.

Being born in the season of crisp mornings, warmly spicy afternoons replete with gently falling leaves, she was rained upon by buttery browns, sunshine yellows, and relishing reds. She felt secure. 

The world, for now, was at rest.

Yet the frantic wet of winter was on the horizon. She could see it in the dark clouds rushing the winds, swirling the colors, battering them, muting them. 
But she, being wrapped snugly in soft blankets, held close and warmed by her mother's milk, grew.

Her life mirrored the seasons. 
She, being born in the season of culmination, a child of the harvest, reaped much in her life.
Children, friends, husbands.

But it was only in the Autumn of her life where she came to be fully, luxuriantly colored herself. She quit listening to those who prescribed for her. She claimed her own path.

Soon, she could be seen running with reckless abandon, strewing the richly colored leaves behind her. Racing the winter wind. Daring it to catch her.

"I love you all. You are near and dear to me, but I too do count. Will you run with me?"
They could only watch from the sidelines.

She threw them kisses. 

She danced in the fluttering leaves of her imagination, gathering them about her in nicely rounded mounds. The fallen leaves of a lifetime.

She screamed into the world, "This is me! Take me as I am! All of you!" 

She stomped, she kicked, she trampled the autumn leaves until all was small and quiet again. 

She held herself close, wrapped herself in earthen browns, careened and cavorted in glorious golds, then arrived at her party dressed in her own charismatic crimson.

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Thanks, Willow, for another fabulous opportunity to write, and my FAV time of year. YEAH!!!!


  1. A woman who found herself, awesome write SW!

  2. smiles. this was a fun read, kinda like a comig of age...nice magpie

  3. That was a wonderful read. All my kids were born during winter months and slept like logs as babies - even only after a couple of weeks! Right little hibernators they were! So I loved this story of seasonal birth shaping a future. Brilliant!

  4. Thanks for the kind words. Yes, Cheryl, you hit the nail on the head!!!!

  5. I can so relate to this piece. Wonderful!! My favorite time of year, as well.

  6. This was fabulous. I felt this woman - through and through. I cheer her on.



  7. terrific. I had fun reading this and sounds like she is having a blast in the autumn of her life :)

  8. This is brilliant. I applaud her finding herself. I am so happy she was finally able 2 her own person.

  9. What a lovely piece - my daughter was born in November too, so I related to this immediately and then I thought no this is about me, now in my early 50s having to face life on my own again - I feel just like this, kicking over the traces to find myself again.

  10. Invite you to try the prompts at Writer's Island