Sunday, August 29, 2010

School Begins

This morning I awoke to the realization my summer vacation is OFFICIALLY over today. I went back to work in some capacity a couple of weeks ago because my school site had been changed. Apparently our students shall be influenced to behave better if we hold school on Catholic church grounds.

"Many of our students are Catholic. I think they will think more about their inappropriate behaviors when at this site." really? Stay tuned for that report.

I don't mean to complain too much. I wasn't married to the old school site, but I sure did like the perks. cameras in every room, hallways and outside. If our little dahlings misbehaved, we had it on camera. Came in handy quite often the past couple of years.

I am a bit worried though. The question of the hour is, How will the little Sunday school children deal with "Fuck You" printed on desks? (not that I allow such things, but....) as well as the inevitable tagging on the bathroom walls. Maybe the TSK's and crossed out gang signs will be considered another addition to the aesthetic? I wonder if anything other than the plants will be damaged if one of our lovelies takes a bit of offense from another, and they go to blows in the prayer garden?

Then there is the question of the homeless who are allowed shelter on the church grounds. Last week two members of our staff had to step over sleeping humans to get the doors of the school open. The secretary reported being harangued by a mentally ill person as she came into work at seven a.m.Apparently we are to expect such encounters as the church offers sanctuary to the homeless, though they are SUPPOSED to be gone by sunrise.

I understand I should show more compassion in my complaints. I have even had family members homeless. I get it. Everyone needs help at times. Okay, Fine.

But, really. Gang bangers, and homeless? A couple of years ago one of our former students was convicted of beating one of the unfortunate homeless citizens to death.

But the budget crisis being what it is, this is our new home.

Never mind the building still does not have phone service. Let's hope we don't have any crisis on the first days of school. I am charging up my cell phone for sure. With no phone service, we also do not have any internet service. Many folks have been moving heaven and earth TRYING to get our little program up and running for the first day of school. We finally got our server in on Friday at noon. The communication process between service providers is abysmal to say the least.

No, I started school two weeks ago. I got an email telling of the move date. I hot footed it down to the old site to see what was what. We had a summer school program in our building until August first. I did box lots of my stuff up and place it in one of the storage rooms, but I still had lots to go. The grandkids, Phyllie and I boxed all the remaining books (which were considerable) and I pulled the stored boxes out of the closets. I tagged all my things to be moved. I thought I was done.

Until day one.

I felt sorry for the poor custodians. They were tasked with moving our entire school site from the old building to the new one. Did I tell you the new site is on the third floor, and NO elevator?????

Yep, the 50 somethings had to haul all the books, desks, computers, book cases, xerox machines, file cabinets and desks from the old single story school, circa 1990's, up to our new third floor abode, circa 1920's.

I thought the poor guys would have heart attacks. It was 90+ degrees the three days they were moving. I talked to one of them a bit later. Said he lost six pounds in that one week, and he was the fittest of them all.

So, I really can't complain. Except I want to complain. Being the English teacher as well as the librarian, I had tons of materials to organize. I chose to work 'off contract time.' I was the only teacher to do so. Well, one new teacher came in, found no books, and decided to go out the door he came in through. But not before creating a very nasty impression on me as well as our school secretary.

Yes, tomorrow is the first day of school officially. The students arrive, but we don't really know how many, nor what their schedules might be. But we will be there, holding school. I even bought a new first day of school outfit.

Thankfully, I DID decide to go in several days early in order to get my room together. We were told in our teacher's meeting on Friday, "The big brass will be here to visit. We are under a microscope this year."

We were given another news flash at the same meeting, "We don't have a school custodian this year. There will be a cleaning woman come in at 5:30, but if there are any unfortunate accidents, we shall have to clean them up." Lovely. With our high risk crowd, it is not a question of if it is only a question of WHEN.

Recently I kept that fact in mind when I was buying my groceries for the week, I picked up a pair of rubber gloves. With my luck, Johnny will most definitely puke in my classroom first.

I don't know about the rest of my colleagues, but I am as ready as I can be. My room looks good. I have the first few lessons prepared. I just hope we don't have any emergencies, but if we do, school police will be let in the building by means of the fire escape which is located right outside my classroom door. Bonus.

I just have to remember to bring my CHARGED cell phone. My rubber glamour gloves are in the side drawer of my desk, along with the band-aids.

I am prepared.

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