Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hey Grandma, Blog this!!!




Yesterday, the children and I had a blast. We were goin' from the minute they got here until they left. Here's the itinerary:

1. Grannie gets a Starbucks
2. B and I got the Hyundai washed, and vacuumed out.
3. got gas
4. delivered hedge trimmers to Christian
5. B and grannie go for a 1 1/2 mile bike ride. B does well. Grannie, well let's just say it was the inagural run.
6. B and grandma buy groceries.
7. B gets a summertime haircut. "I want a faux-hawk, grandma." Check.
8. B paints Rachel's fingernails.
9. Rach and grandma clean up poodle pootie (Rachel's favorite activity, yuck!!!)
10. Rach and grannie water flowers.
11. Rach and grannie make a marinade for a tri-tip lunch.
12. Phyl comes home for lunch. Tri-tip gets BBQed. Phyl stakes out a corner of the kitchen table for her eats.
12. B and Rach get out their craft boxes. Pandemonium strikes.
13. Grandma decides we need another leaf put into the table. Phyl complains "I just want to eat lunch."
14. Leaf gets put into kitchen table. Now there is room for eating and art projects.
15. Rachel becomes enamored with cutting things with her scissors. Reminds herself as she is cutting string "I can't cut my hair anymore." Grandma gets more string out for her to cut. Lula supervises.
16. Children and grandma head to McDonalds for lunch and play in the play structure. Grandma knows there will be other children for B and Rach to play with.
17. Two hour lunch and play at McD's.
18. Back home for 'quiet hour'
19. B watches Goosebumps, Grannie and Rach head to the spare room to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks, a Squeakquil.
20. Quiet time is over. B gets out his oversized coloring book, Cars of course, and Rach plays with magnetic letters.
21. B and Rach begin the sibling squabble.

"You don't know how to spell, Rachel."

"I do too!!! LOOK"
R's are upside down, L's are backward.

B takes control of the cookie sheet.

"Here, Rachel let me show you."

"NO!!! I can do it myself!"

"I am smarter than you, Rachel."

"You are NOT. Besides, I can arrest you!!!"

"I am older than you Rachel. I will always be older than you."

"Yes, and you will come to regret that someday," Grandma lobs in.

22. Mom arrives.

Grandma finally gets to go to the bathroom.
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